A Development of a Medical Information Transmisson System in Moving Picture Form(MedMpeg)

  • Choi, Jong U. (School of Computer and Communications, Sangmyung University) ;
  • Cho, Hune (School of Medicine, Ajou University)
  • Published : 1998.06.30


With the rapid development of communication technology and widespread uses of internet service, utilization of internet-based medical information systems which transmitts moving pictures of medical objects is becoming a common practice. The internet-based medical information service prvovides richer information than conventional services such as touch-tone telephone, personal computers e-mails, or pagers, because "a picture is worth a thousand words". However, the systems passively transmits moving pictures of the medical objects to the users, and thus the system cannot intelligently adjust itself to provide better service. As the tradeoff exists between transmission speed and quality of the image, there is a need that moving pictures be analyzed to adjust the trnasmission speed and image quality. When very little difference between consecutive images are detected, the system can automatically increase the size of the image files, thus enhancing the quality of image. In contrast, the system should increase the number of images to send more pictorial information by sacrificing the quality of each individual image, when a significant difference is detected. In this paper an adaptive filtering technique is introduced which adjusts the quality of image and transmission speed according to a clinical situation in hospital.