Removal of Cobalt Ions by Precipitate Foam Flotation

침전 포말부선법에 의한 Cobalt Ion의 제거

  • Published : 1998.09.01


Simulated waste liquid containing 50 ppm cobalt ion was t$\xi$sted by precipitate flotation using a sodium lauryl sulfate as a c collector. The effects of initial cobalt ion concentration, pH, surfactant concentration, flotation time, gas flow rate and foreign i ions on removal efficiency of cobalt ion were studied. Pretreatment of the waste liquid with 35% $H_2O_2$, prior to precipitate f flotation made shin of optimal flotation pH from the strong alkalinity to weak alkaline range and made a favorable flotation of c cobalt ion in wide range of pH. For the result of this experiment, 99.8% removal efficiency was obtained on the conditions of initial coball ion concentration 50 ppm, pH 9.5 gas flow rate 70 mllmin, flotation time 30 min. The simulate ion was fanned t to be the most harmful ion against removal of cobalt by precipitate flotation of the species which were tested The presence of 0.1 M of $SO_4^{2-}$ ion decreased remo,때 $\xi$폐iciency of cobalt to 90% while the cobalt were almost entirely removed in the a absence of sulfate ion.