Effect of Topdressing Methods of Nitrogen Fertilizer on Growth, Yield and Storage of Onion(Allium cepa L.) in Mulch-Cropping System

양파(Allium cepa L,) 멀칭재배시 질소비료 추비방법이 생육, 수량 및 저장성에 미치는 영향

  • 김우일 (경상남도농촌진흥원) ;
  • 서전규 (경상남도농촌진흥원, 경상남도농촌진흥원, 경북대학교 원예학과, 경상북도농촌진흥원)
  • Published : 1998.06.01


In order to fad out an efficient way of topdressing nitrogen fertilizer in mulch-cropping system of onion(Allium cepa L.), solid, slow-release, and liquid forms of nitrogen fertilizers were allied to cv. 'Changnyungdaego' various number of times at different time, with 5 topdress applications of solid fertilizer serving as a control. Whole basal application of conventional solid fertilizer and 2 slow-release fertilizers were labor-saving and showed improved storage quality of bulbs, but resulted in poor plant growth and considerably low yield due to fertilizer shortage from early April. This suggests that topdress application is necessary. Liquid form of nitrogen fertilizer was more effective for plant growth and yield and saving labor than the solid form. Early applications was effective for increasing yield and storage quality of onion bulbs harvested. Thus two applications of liquid form of nitrogen fertilizer in February and March at rome month interval are recommended in mulch crowing system of onion.