The robust control for a linear time-varying system using state transformation

상태 변환을 이용한 선형 시변 시스템에 대한 강건한 제어

  • Cho, Do-Hyeoun (Samsung Biomedical Research Institute) ;
  • Lee, Sang-Hyo (Dept.of Control Instrumentation Engineering, Kwangwoon University)
  • 조도현 (삼성생명과학연구소) ;
  • 이상효 (광운대학교 제어계측공학과)
  • Published : 1998.02.01


This paper is focussed on the problem of robustly stabilizing a transformable linear time-varying system. The considered system is a class of state feedback transformable linear systems. First, the real linear time-varying system is transformed into the linear time invariant system composed with the time-invariant linear part and the time-varying uncertainty part. Second, the solution to a quadratic stabilization problem in the transformed linear system is give via' Lyapunov methods. Then this solution is used to construct a stabilizing linear control law for the real linear time-varying system.


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