$L_1$ analytic fourier-feynman transform on the fresnel class of abstract wiener space

  • Ahn, Jae-Moon (Department of Mathematics Education, College of Education, Kon-Kuk University, Seoul 143-701)
  • Published : 1998.02.01


Let $(B, H, p_1)$ be an abstract Wiener space and $F(B)$ the Fresnel class on $(B, H, p_1)$ which consists of functionals F of the form : $$ F(x) = \int_{H} exp{i(h,x)^\sim} df(h), x \in B, $$ where $(\cdot, \cdot)^\sim$ is a stochastic inner product between H and B, and f is in $M(H)$, the space of complex Borel measures on H. We introduce an $L_1$ analytic Fourier-Feynman transforms for functionls in $F(B)$. Furthermore, we introduce a convolution on $F(B)$, and then verify the existence of the $L_1$ analytic Fourier-Feynman transform for the convolution product of two functionals in $F(B)$, and we establish the relationships between the $L_1$ analytic Fourier-Feynman tranform of the convolution product for two functionals in $F(B)$ and the $L_1$ analytic Fourier-Feynman transforms for each functional. Finally, we show that most results in [7] follows from our results in Section 3.


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