A Structural Approach for the Construction of the Open Instruction Model in Mathematics

열린 수학 수업 모델 구성을 위한 구조적 접근

  • Published : 1998.07.01


The purpose of this study is to construct the "open" instructional model that might be used properly in mathematics classroom. In this study, the core philosophy of "openness" in mathematics instruction is looked upon as the transference itself from pursuing simply strengthening the function of instruction such as effectiveness in the management of educational environment into the understanding of the nature of mathematics learning and the pursuing of true effectiveness in mathematics learning. It means, in other words, this study is going to accept the "openness" as functional readiness to open all the possibility among the conditions of educational environment for the purpose of realizing maximum learning effectiveness. With considering these concepts, this study regards open mathematics education as simply one section among the spectrum of mathematics education, thus could be included in the category of mathematics education. The model for open instruction in mathematics classroom, constructed in this study, has the following virtues: This model (1) suggests integrated view of open mathematics instruction that could adjust the individual and sporadic views recently constructed about open mathematics instruction; (2) could suggest structural approach for the construction of open mathematics instruction program; (3) could be used in other way as a method for evaluation open mathematics instruction program.thematics instruction program.