Effect of Relative Humidity on Calcium Uptake of Tomato Plant

상대(相對) 습도(濕度)가 토마토의 Ca흡수(吸收)에 미치는 영향(影響)

  • Published : 1997.06.30


The effect of different relative humidity(RH) of atmosphere on the uptake of calcium by tomato plant was investigated through an experiment in the protected cultivation system. The RH regime was imposed by humidifiying by humidifier in one plot, and by mulching the ridge to cut down the evaporation of water to lower the RH, in another plot. During the course of plant growth, RH in the humidified plot, at noon, was about 70%, while in non-humidufied plot, RH was about 50%. The humidification also resulted in the lowering of temperature significantly(by about, $3.1^{\circ}C$). This higher RH of atmosphere under humidifying treatment, resulted in the increase in the water efflux rate of root significantly(greater by 0.24g/g dry root/h than that under mulching treatment). Relatively severe occurrence of blossom end rot(23%) was observed in the humidifying treatment, while no such symptom occurred in mulching plot. The efflux rates of Ca, K and Mg were found to be higher in the humidifying plot. It was also observed that the concentrations of Ca, Mg and K in the xylem solution was 2-4 times higher than that of gydroponic solution. This suggested that the occurrence of blossom end rot, under high RH of atmosphere, would not be due to the decrease in the uptake of Ca per se, by tomato plant, but due to anomalies in the distribution of it within the plant.