A Study of Wedding Ceremonies during the Early Stage in Chosun Dynasty

조선초기 혼례 풍속 연구 - 家禮輯賢을 중심으로 -

  • 조효순 (명지대학교 생활과학부)
  • Published : 1997.04.01


Our ancestors had done their best for the moral training and home management, further more for the governing a country through observing the decorums. The 4 main decorums, i. e. the Coming-of-Age Ceremony, Wedding Ceremony, Funeral Rites and the Ancestor worship Ceremony during the Chosun Dynasty had guided well our ancestors'life harmoiously. The Wedding Ceremonies of them was one of the most happy events in their lives meaningful of the filial piety and the union of two families. The Wedding ceremonies consist of the 6 etiquetes, i. e., Eui-Hon (matchmaking), N뮤-Chae (present), Nab-Pye(bride's presents to her parents-in-law), Chung-Gi(ask the other part about an auspicious day), Moon-Myung(choice of an auspicious day), Chin-Young(take and meet a bride) in order of sequence. Chin-Young consists of Cho-Hon, Sa-Dang-Go-Woo, Sung-Bok, Cho-Rye, Boo-Myung-Ji & Mo-Song, Jun-An-Rye, Hab-Geun-Rye, Sin-Bang-Chi-Reu-Gi, Hyun-Goo-Rye, Myo-Hyun and Jae-Haeng ete, considerably complicated programs in order.