Development of Modified Jeung-pyun Heated by Microwave Method

전자레인지를 이용한 개량 증편의 제조

  • 김혁일 (계명대학교 식품가공학과)
  • Published : 1997.10.01


Effect of various ingredients and cooling methods on the quality of modified Jeung-pyun(traditional Korean steamed rice cake) were studied. Three different kinds of wheat flours(strong, medium, and weak) were studied to evaluate the volume and firmness of Jeung-pyun. Weak flour showed the maximum volume and good sensory results. The optimum ratio of ingredients was flour : water ; sugar ; Tak-Ju=100 : 20 : 20 : 50 for steaned Jeung-pyun. When three different cooking methods were compared, the maximum volume showed from convection oven method, but the crust color of Jeung-pyun was like bread. Steaming method showed higher volume than that of product heated by microwave method. The optimum formula ratio for the microwave method was flour ; water ; sugar ; Tak-Ju = 100 : 30 : 20 : 50, which required 10% higher added water content than that of steaming. When wheat flour was used instead of rice flour, the addition of 5% normal corn starch increased volume of both steamed and microwave cooked products. In the case of added modified starches to Jeung-pyn, 5% $\alpha$-waxy corn starch showed the highest volume in steaming method. When rice flour was used, the addition of 5%$\alpha$-waxy corn starch also showed highest volume f both steamed and microwave cooked products. The firmness of steamed wheat flour Jeung-pyun, containing 5%$\alpha$-corn starch was higher firmness than that of control and other added samples. Microwave cooked products showed two or three times higher firmness of steaming products. The use of wrap(uni-wrap) and stabilizer(METHOCEL) decreased the firmness of microwave cooked wheat flour Jeung-pyun to 200~300g compared with that of untreated Jeung-pyun.



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