Study on Local Irritation of CJ-50001 (rG-CSF) in Rabbits

CJ-50001 (rG-CSF)의 Rabbit에서의 국소자극성

  • Published : 1997.09.01


The local irritation study (skin & occular irritation tests) of CJ-50001, a rG-CSF (recombinant granulocyte-colony stimulating factor) was performed in Japanese White rabbits. CJ-50001 was administered at a dose of 150 $\mu\textrm{g}$/rabbit (300$\mu\textrm{g}$ /ml, 0.5 ml) to the bare skin and at a dose of 30 $\mu\textrm{g}$/rabbit (300 $\mu\textrm{g}$/ml, 0.1 ml) to the conjunctival sac of the eye, respectively. In these experiments, there were no clinical signs which were related to CJ-50001 compared with control group. In conclusion, CJ-50001 doesn't have any irritating activity to skin and eye as 0.03% solution.



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