An Improved Process Incapability Index for the Evaluation of Process Capability

공정능력의 평가를 위한 개선된 비공정능력지수

  • 신경석 (한양대학교 산업공학과) ;
  • 김성집 (한양대학교 산업공학과) ;
  • 강창욱 (한양대학교 산업공학과)
  • Published : 1996.12.30


Process incapability index which is intended to evaluate the process capability by measuring process incapability provides more detailed information by dividing information about the process mean and variance. But when the target value is not consistent with the center of specification, it is very difficult to evaluate the process capability accurately. Thus it is necessary to improve the existing process incapability index. The improved process incapability index can identify the variation of the process faster than other process capability indices when applied firstly, to the precision process which can be affected sensitively by the change of the process, secondly, to the ordinary process where cost difference from the change of process is noticeable. By using subindices such as inaccuracy index and imprecision index, it is easier for quality manager to find where the cause of the variation of process is, and to take necessary action in advance.