Speech Recognition in Noisy environment using Transition Constrained HMM

천이 제한 HMM을 이용한 잡음 환경에서의 음성 인식

  • Published : 1996.04.01


In this paper, transition constrained Hidden Markov Model(HMM) in which the transition between states occur only within prescribed time slot is proposed and the performance is evaluated in the noisy environment. The transition constrained HMM can explicitly limit the state durations and accurately de scribe the temporal structure of speech signal simply and efficiently. The transition constrained HMM is not only superior to the conventional HMM but also require much less computation time. In order to evaluate the performance of the transition constrained HMM, speaker independent isolated word recognition experiments were conducted using semi-continuous HMM with the noisy speech for 20, 10, 0 dB SNR. Experiment results show that the proposed method is robust to the environmental noise. The 81.08% and 75.36% word recognition rates for conventional HMM was increased by 7.31% and 10.35%, respectively, by using transition constrained HMM when two kinds of noises are added with 10dB SNR.