Studies on the constituents of Korean honey harvested seasonally in Chonbuk area

전북지방 한봉꿀의 계절별 성분에 관한 연구

  • 최은영 (전라북도 가축위생시험소 남원지소) ;
  • 전창권 (전라북도 가축위생시험소 남원지소) ;
  • 김용수 (전라북도 가축위생시험소 남원지소) ;
  • 노수일 (전라북도 가축위생시험소 남원지소)
  • Published : 1996.05.01


This study was to investigate the properties such as amounts of moisture, inverted sugar, cane sugar and 5-(hydroxymethyl)-2-furfural (HMF) in feeding-honey(n=45) and wild-honey (n=3) harvested in Chonbuk area from April to November 1995. The results obtained were summarized as follows ; The average percentages of moisture in both feeding- and wild-honey was 20.2%(range, 17.5~23.1) and 20.7%(19.4~22.2). And those of inverted sugar/cane sugar in both honeies were 64.4%(55.8~69.3)/6.8%(1.0~l5.7) and 68.9%(68.5~69.8)/3.1%(2.5~3.7), in seasonal analysis those were 65.9%/5.3% in spring, 65.7%/6.6% in summer, 62.1%/8.0% in autumn, respectively. On the other hand, the average amounts of HMF in both honeies were 44.86mg/kg(22.6~68.6) and 7.0mg/kg(6.2~7.6), its average difference between both honeies were about 37.86mg/kg regardless of region and season.