Growth , Yield and Quality of Rice Cultivated on paddy Soils as After Crop of Fodder Rye under Heavy Application of Animal Manures

답리작 호맥재배시 가축분시용이 후작 벼의 생육 및 수량과 미질에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 1996.12.15


Fodder rye(cv. Coolgrazer) was cultivated on paddy soils under different application rates of animal manures (CM=cow manures mixed with sawdust, SM=swine manure mixed with sawdust) during 1994-1995. Rice crop (CV. Geumo) was transplanted in the same plots after fodder rye. The effects of cattle manure application on the yield performance of rye and their influence to growth, yields and quality of rice were evaluated. Fodder rye produced larger plant growth and higher silage yield in the cattle manure application than in the chemical feltilizer (CF). Dry matter yields of rye silage were 3.08 ton(CF), 4.23 ton(CM) and 6.03 ton/ha(SM), respedively. Under heavy application of cattle manures plant height, number of tillers and grains per panicle were increased, but 1,000 grains weight and total yields of rice were decreased. Yields of brown rice were 5.20 ton(CF), 5.15 ton (CM) and 4.95 ton/ha(SM), respectively. Higher concentration of amylose was found in the heavy application of cattle manures. Amylose contents of rice were 16.8%(CF), 19.1%(CM) and 19.4%(SM).