Synthesis of Earthquake Ground Motion by Combining Stochastic Line Source Model with Elastic Wave Propagation Analysis Method in a Layered Half Space

추계학적 선진원 모델과 층상반무한체에서의 탄성파 전파 해석법에 의한 지진 지반운동 합성

  • Published : 1996.09.30


A Stochastic line source model is developed to simulate the seismic wave field generated during the rupture propagation process along a fault plane of which length is much larger than its width. The fault plane is assumed to consist of randomly distributed slip zones and barriers and each slip zone is modeled as a point source. By combining the newly developed source model with wave propagation analysis method in a layered 3-D visco-elastic half space, synthetic seismograms are obtained. The calculated accelerograms due to vertical dip slip and strike slip line sources are presented.



Supported by : 서울대학교


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