The Effect of Hot Taste Preference on Dietary Intake and Level of Serum $\beta$-Carotene Concentration in Korean Female College Students

매운 맛 선호도가 한국 여대생의 $\beta$-Carotene 섭취와 혈청수준에 미치는 영향

  • 백희영 (서울대학교 식품영양학과) ;
  • 이심열 (서울대학교 식품영양학과)
  • Published : 1995.08.01


A study was performed to assess dietary intake and serum levels of $\beta$-carotene and the influence of preference for hot taste on $\beta$-carotene intake in Korean female college students. Daily intake of $\beta$-carotene was estimated with a questionnaire composed of food item of high $\beta$-carotene contents and the average daily intake level was 4089$\pm$2400$\mu\textrm{g}$. The major sources of $\beta$-carotene included carrot, pumpkin, spinach, tomatoes and red pepper powder. 14$\pm$10% of total dietary $\beta$-carotene intake was from foods containing red pepper powder. The average amount of red pepper powder added to bean sprout soupr were 0.32$\pm$0.34g. Subjects preferring hot taste added significantly larger amount of red pepper powder(p<0.05) than those not preferring hot taste. Subjects of the lowest quartile of $\beta$-carotene intake level showed the lowest precentage of subjects preferring hot taste. The average serum $\beta$-carotene concentration was 36.5$\mu\textrm{g}$/dl and large variation in the amount among the subject has been observed. The level of dietary $\beta$-carotene intake and serum $\beta$-carotene concentration of Korean female college students were not significantly correlated but both were higher than levels in reports from western countries. These results indicate that $\beta$-carotene intake levels of the subjects are adequate and the preference for hot taste affects $\beta$-carotene intake significantly.



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