The Survey of Infant Feeding in Seoul and Kyunggi-Do Area

서울 및 경기지역 영유아의 영양법에 관한 실태조사

  • 이정윤 (서울보건 전문대학 식품영양학과)
  • Published : 1994.04.01


This study was designed to assess the current status of infant feeding through an retrospective survey on feeding method. The survey was executed for 417 mothers bringing up a child below 24 months in Seoul and Kyunggi-Do province from September to October, 1993. Analysing a few influential environmental factors while assessing the level of knowledge today's mother have on infant feeding. Incidence of breast feeding was 27.8% of the interviewed mothers, which showed lower percentages than those of previous surveys. This research proved the major influencing factor generally depended on its mother rather than babies. Generally mothers knew the information of infant feeding, but their knowledge actually didn't work. The source of mothers' informations on the infant nutrition showed the grandmother, books and magazines, doctor were many by the order. among the reasons of resent formula and mixed feeding, lack of breast milk' was the commonest as 50.5% and the next reason was 'because of job' as 12.6%.