A Study on Active Vibration Isolation Using Electro-Magnetic Actuator

전자기력을 이용한 능동제진에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1994.05.01


Vibration isolation of mechanical systems, in general, is achieved through passive or active vibration isolators. Passive vibration isolator has an inherenrt performance limitation. Whereas, active vibration isolator provides significantly superior vibration-isolation performance at the cost of energy sources and sensors. Recently, in many cases, such as suspension system, precision machinery ... etc, active isolation system outweighs its limitation. Therefore, many studies, researches, and applications are carried out in this field. In this study, vibration-isolation characteristics of an active vibration control system using electromagnetic force actuator are investigated. Several control algorithms including optimal, feedforward are used for active vibration isolation. From the experimental results of each algorithm, effective control algorithms for this active vibration-isolation system are proposed.