Real-Time Estimation of Stewart Platform Forward Kinematic Solution

스튜어트 플랫폼 순기구학 해의 실시간 추정기법

  • Published : 1994.07.01


The Stewart Platform is a six-degree-of-freedom in-parallel-actuated manipiulator mechanism. The kinematic behavior of parallel mechanisms shows inverse characteristics as compared that of serial mechanisms; i.e, the inverse kinematic problem of Stewart Platform is straightforward, but no closed form solution of the forward kinematic problem has been previously presented. Thus it is difficult to calculate the 6 DOF displacement of the platform from the measured lengths of the six actuators in real time. Here, a real-time estimation algorithm which solves the Stewart Platform kinematic problem is proposed and tested through computer simulations and experiments. The proposed algorithm shows stable convergence characteristics, no estimation errors in steady state and good estimation performance with higher sampling rate. In experiments it is shown that the estimation result is the same as that of simulation even in the presence of measurement noise.