A Study on the Introductory Process of Foreigner's Architectural Engineering in the Late Yi-Dynasty

구한말(舊韓末) 외인건축술(外人建築術)의 전래과정(傳來過程) 연구

  • Published : 1992.06.01


The purpose of this paper is to clarify the introduction of foreigner's architectural engineering such as building materials techniques engineers, focused on the Late Yi-dynasty. Such all kind of building materials as timber brick tile cement lime glass window furniture and so on was imported from the foreign company in opening period of ports in Cho-son. The timer of these materials was imported from Japan, the brick tile from China, and others directly from Western counteries indirectly from Japan China. As it was active in an inflow of building materials and machines about 1890's, the modern building techniques were introduced and elementarily mastered such as timber sewing, manufacturing baking of brick glass, and masonry, The above modern techniques became the direct background in the formation of Korean modern architecture. Building engineers can be divided into three classes : architect engineer apprentice. But It could be apparently not divided the relation between architect and engineer at that time. They could be classified into job-architects who were engaged by the Korean government and leaded an active life in their settlement, and missonaries, They introduced the construction and style of modern architecture in our country, And so many skilled laborers and laborers participated in the construction of their settlement.