A Study on the Establishment of the Metropolitan Transportation Area

광역 교통권 설정에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1990.04.01


The research deals with the establishment of transportation areas in the metropolitan cities. The purpose is three-fold ; 1) to review the existing literature : 2) to analyze the commuting (work and school) pattern and interregional movement pattern of passengers and freights ; 3) to establish the metropolitan transportation area based on the above analyses. The transportation area is defined by the analysis of trip pattern to the center city of each metropolitan area. The detailed indices for establishment are selected by the rank-size and time-distance analyses. For the operational purpose, the study defines 3 different transportation areas as follows : the first transportation area means the directly effecting region of the center city ; the second means the region with many reverse trips and development potentials ; and the third means the indirectly effecting region. It can be concluded that the first transportation area includes 10 cities and 5 counties in Seoul metropol tan region, Yangdsan-Gun, Kimhae-Gun and Kimhae-Si in Busan, Dalsung-Gun, Chilgok-Gun and Kyungsan-Gun in Daegu, Hwasung-Gun and Raju-Gun in Kwangju, and Daeduk-Gun in Daejun. These results could be expected to have many implications for the establishment of area-wide public transportation network, the metropolitan transportation decision-making bodies and others.