A Study on the Diverticulum of Esophagus and Duodenum

식도(食道) 및 십이지장(十二指腸)의 게실(憩室)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究)

  • 문수형 (대한교육보험주식회사 의무부) ;
  • 임남성 (대한교육보험주식회사 의무부) ;
  • 이재황 (대한교육보험주식회사 의무부) ;
  • 김강석 (대한교육보험주식회사 의무부)
  • Published : 1987.03.20


We'd performed the upper gastrointestinal study for a total of 1,033 insureds-male 630, female 403 persons-who were examined at medical dept. of Dae Han Kyoyuk Insurance Co., Ltd., from August, 1986 to January, 1987. The results on diverticulum were as follows; 1. The incidence rate of duodenal diverticulum is exceptionally higher than esophageal diverticulum. 2. In all of 53 insured who have duodenal diverticulum and esophageal diverticulum, there was little difference between male and female in the incidence rate of diverticulum; 5.08% in male, 5.21% in female. 3. The possessing rate of both diverticulums increased by age regardless of sex. ; 0.71% in 20yrs, 2.12% in 30yrs, 11.11% in 40yrs, 12.75% in 50yrs, 30.43% in 60yrs more. 4. The possessing rate of both diverticulums in male is 0% in 20yrs, 1.97% in 30yrs, 7.21% in 40yrs, 15.09% in 50yrs, 27.27% in 60yrs more and in female, 1.16% in 20yrs, 2.40% in 30yrs, 7.87% in 40yrs, 10.20% in 50yrs, 33.33% in 60yrs more. 5. Those who have duodenal diverticulum 47 insureds felt the following subjective symptoms; uncomfortable 8.51%, heartburn and tingling each 4.26%, sore throat 2.13%and esophageal diverticulum's heartburn 16.67%. 6. There occurred the following complications in 47 insureds with duodenal diverticulum-gastric polyp, erosive gastritis, antral gastritis, cascade stomach, fatty liver, polyp in GB and choledocholithiasis; each 2.13% and cholelithiasis 6.38% and cascade stomach. 7. All duodenal diverticulum occurred in duodenal inlet. 8. The number of lesion was single in all esophageal diverticulum, but there was each one case with 2 lesions and 3 lesions in duodenal diverticulum.