Immunophysiological Defense Mechanism of the Bovine Udder on Mastitis A Review

유우유방의 유방염에 대한 자연방어기전

  • 한홍율 (서울대학교 수의과대학)
  • Published : 1986.06.01


This paper reviews the mechanisms effecting host defense in the mammary gland and assesses their possible in preventing of bovine mastitis. The streak canal is the first line of defense against invading mastitis pathogens, providing a physical barrier and antibacterial substances. The milk leukocytes are a second defense line by ingesting pathogens breached the streak canal by multiplication, physical passage, and propulsion during milking. Leukocytosis in milk and enhancement of the phagocytic defense machanisms of the udder were accomplished by inserting intramammary devices. Milk antibodies serum derived and synthesized in mamma tissue aggregate and opsonise bacteria, agglutinate and neutralise toxins, and inhibit. binding of bacteria to epitherial surfaces. Vaccination generally has been unsuccessful because protection is not absolute, but immunization is useful in controlling specific pathogens. Immunostimulant to enhance locally the protective nature of antibody-producing plasma cells concentrated in internal teat end tissue may be effective in reducing the occurrence of infection, but ineffective in preventing intramammary infections.