A Study on the Spectrophotometric Analysis of Pyruvic Acid

Pyruvic Acid의 분광학적 정량법에 관한 연구

  • 최윤수 (효성여자대학교 약학대학) ;
  • 조경열 (효성여자대학교 약학대학) ;
  • 석경순 (효성여자대학교 약학대학)
  • Published : 1985.06.01


A clorimetric determination method of pyruvic acid using hydroxylamine was studied. Hydroxylamine was reacted with pyruvic acid to form complex compound in the presence of Cu(II) ion. Optimal conditions for the quantitative analysis were investigated and the structure of complex was examined spectrometrically. The molar ratio (2:1) and the stability constant ($1.88{\times}10^{4}$) of the complex were measured. It was the characteristic feature of this method that the commonly encountered interfering substances such as fructose, glucose and lactic acid do not infuence the measurement of pyruvic acid.