A Study on the Separation between Capital and Management -In Daegu Area-

자본과 경영의 분리에 관한 연구 - 대구지역을 중심으로 -

  • Published : 1981.12.01


While one characteristic of modern enterprises is that their forms are mostly stock company type profit organization the other characteristic is that such modern enterprises have mostly been managing under separation between capital and management. The term "Separation of ownership and Management" means that a company is controlled and managed not by its financier or investor but by the professional manager equipped with scientific management skill and knowledge. Nowadays, separation between capital and management could be adopted by advent of professional managers, and the enterprises are managed not exclusively by the interested group of stockholders but by the professional managers Professional managers can manage their enterprises in such a way as to guarantee to achieve sociality and public interests required in the modern enterprises. The purpose of this study is to formalize management ideology of enterprises in Daegu Area by means of comparative study on the degree of separation of ownership and management among enterprises in the United States, Japan and Daegu Area, thus to advise enterprising men of management idea-logy formalized. Findings from the comparative study are as follows 1. There are differences in staffing and financing between enterprises of the United States and those of Japan and Daegu Area. 2. Degree of Separation of ownership and management in Japan and Daegu Area is much less than that of the United States, and 3. The degree of separation of ownership and management is higher in open enterprises in Daegu Area. Accordingly. enterprises in Daegu Area should adopt up-to-data management theory and techniques in order to be developed themselves, and furthermore, to contribute to both the nation and the local community in economic development. In modern industrial society, the scale enterprise organization is growing very rapidly and the managerial circumstances are very much complicate and variable , thus the demand for the competent managers equipped with management knowledge and ability are high. The necessity of systematic and efficient managerial training is social demand needed urgently in modern industrial society. Therefore, it is necessary for the enterprising men in Daegu Area to establish cooperation system between university and industry in which they can participate voluntarily.luntarily.