Physico-Chemical and Microbiological Changes during Storage of Fresh Ginseng

수삼저장중 이화학적 및 기생물학적 변화

  • Published : 1981.11.01


Physical, chemical and microbiological changes were periodically studied during six-month storage of fresh ginseng under N2, CO2 gas or subatmospheric pressure condition. The results were summarized as follows. 1. The moisture contents of fresh ginseng gradually decreased during the first 2-month storage and thereafter generally reached at equillibrium. 2. There was no significant change in the reducing sugar content in 1-month storage, followed by$.$a decrease in between 2-and 3-month storage. Thereafter, the reducing sugar content increased at the end of 4-month storage. 3. The total sugar content increased significantly during the first 3-month storage. Under CO2 and Nr gas storage, the total sugar content gradually decreased after 3-month storage, while no significant change was observed in the samples stored under subatmospheric Pressure. Amylase activity gradually decreased as storage period increased 4. The content of saponin decreased as storage period increased, but ginsengoide Rf, Rd, Rc and Rb2 increased significantly in 1-month storage. 5. Regardless of storage methods, sprouting of ginseng and growth of microorganisms were inhibited in all samples during the first 4-month storage. However, growth of microorganisms was observed in the rhizome and injured areas of ginseng after 5-month storage in the N2 and CO2 gas atmosphere.