Isolation of Ginsenoside${-Rh}_1$ and ${-Rh}_2$ by High Performance Liquid Chromatography

고속액체(高速液體) 크로마토그래피에 의(依)한 Ginsenoside ${-Rh}_1$${-Rh}_2$ 의 분리(分離)

  • Published : 1981.03.30


An effective method for isolation of the major components of ginseng saponin such as $ginsenoside-Rb_{1},\;-Rb_2,$ -Rc, -Rd, -Re and $-Rg_1$, and the minor components such as ginsenoside-Rf, $-Rg_2,\;and-Rh_1$, was developed and reported in previous papers (J. Korean Agr. Chem. Soc., 23(4), 199 and 206(1980) The conditions and procedures used for isolation and identification for ginsenosides described in the previous papers were not sufficient enough for clean separation of minor components, $ginsenoside-Rh_1,\;and-Rh_2$. In this work, modifications in extraction method and in mobile phase for HPLC were attempted. It was found that application of ethyl acetate extraction at $60^{\circ}C$ for 3 hr on crude saponin resulted in a removal of diol group saponin from crude saponin which made it possible for using higher portion of acetonitrile in mobile phase. The mixed solvents of acetonitrile : water (92 : 8 and 94 : 6) gave excellent resolution of $ginsenoside-Rh_1\;and\;-Rh_2$.