Basic Studies for the Breeding of High Protein Rice IV. Effect of Short-day and High-temperature Treatment on the Amylose and Crude Protein Content of Rice

수도 고단백계통 육성을 위한 기초적연구 IV. 단일 및 고온처리가 쌀의 Amylose 및 조단백질 함량에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 1974.02.01


In order to obtain the fundamental informations on the protein and amylose content in rice grain, 4 varieties were subjected to the 4 different shortday treatments in 2 kinds temperature. Results can be summarized as follows; 1). By warmer temperature amylose content in the rice dropped by 2 to 3%, but no significant changes in protein content. 2). Short-day treatment caused decreases in amylose content by 2 to 5% and increases in protein content by 2 to 6%. 3). Interactions among varieties, temperature and shortday was significant for both the amylose content and protein content.