Studies on the effects of radiation from radioisotopes incorporated in plant (IV) -The effects of P-32 application on the growth of buckwheat-

작물에 흡수된 방사성 동위원소의 내부 조사 효과에 관한 연구 (IV) -교맥 생장에 미치는 P-32 시용의 잔유 효과-

  • Published : 1968.03.01


Buckwheat seeds produced in previous year (1965) in an experimental pot culture in which nine levels of P-32 ranging from $1.4{\times}10-4 to 3.3{\times}104$\mu$c/pot(as of 27 July 1965)$, with the same specific activity, had been applied to the corresponding pots respectively, were used this year(1996) in water and soil culture as well as in germination test to investigate the feature and extent of possible residual effects of P-32 incorporated upon germination and plant growth, and the following results were obtained: 1. Under the given experimental conditions both stimulative and inhibitory effects of radiation were observed. 2. The germination rate of the seeds was lower at the higher level of P-32 aplication ranging from $3.0{\times}103 to 3.3{\times}104$\mu$c/pot$ and higher at 0.2 $\mu$c P/pot than the control. 3. Among the seeds produced at the higher level of application about 80% was failed to germinate, owing to the radiation injury. The remaining 80% was failed to germinate, owing to the radiation injury. The remaining 80% survived the damaging effect and showed vigorous growth and increased yield. The latter group of seeds thus proved themselves to be more radioresistant than the former. 4. The survived seeds produced later more straw and root on dry weight basis. The higher the level of P-32 applied, the stronger the stimulative effect showed in vegetative growth. 5. No radiation effect on linear growth of the plants was observed in the soil culture. 6. The dry weight of straw produced showed little difference at the moderate range compared with that of control in the soil culture. At high level of application, i.e. over $\mu$c P32/pot, however, the production was increased by 12-37% of control. 7. As for the dry weight of root harvested, the P-32 treatment over 24$\mu$c P32/pot produced 82-155% more than the control, whereas little difference was observed under 2.2$\mu$c P32/pot. 8. The seed production increased in general by the P-32 treatments. Particularly at the moderate level of application the rate of increase amounted to 70% of the control. 9. Those individual plants which survived damaging effects of radiation at the germinating stage shwoed remarkable stimulative effects both in vegetative and in reproductive stage of growth.