Survey of major cropping system using paddy field in Korea

  • Published : 2017.06.04


This study was conducted to investigate cropping system using paddy field in 152 cities and counties of Korea. Out of the 152 cities and counties, 106 regions responded(70%). The number of cultivated crops in 2 and 3 cropping system using paddy field was 48 crops. Among these, 35 crops were cultivated in winter and spring, 27 crops were cultivated in summer and fall. There were 33 crops in paddy field after cultivating rice. Among these, 11 crops were cultivated in spring and 26 crops were in fall-winter. There were 44 crops in paddy field without cultivating rice. Among these, 19 crops were cultivated in spring, 27 crops were in summer, 15 crops were in fall. Total cropping systems in Korea were 138 types, 2 cropping system were 119, among them outdoor crops were 77, using facility crops were 42, and 3 cropping system crops were 19. Cropping system of Jeonbuk province was 45 types and it was the most in Korea. Cropping systems of southern area were more various than those of middle-northern area in Korea.