Investigation on the Self-preservation Effect of Natural Gas Hydrates

천연가스 하이드레이트의 자기보존 효과 연구

  • Published : 2011.11.16


Self-preservation effect was identified by means of macroscopic dissociation experiments after keeping natural gas hydrate samples at 258 K for 15 days. The hydrate samples were formed using synthetic natural gas hydrate whose compositions are 90% $CH_4$, 7% $C_2H_6$, and 3% $C_3H_8$. In addition, during the formation, heavy hydrocarbons of propane and ethane are found to occupy hydrate cages in a more favorable way than methane so as to change the gas composition after hydrate formation. Experimental results obtained in this study can provide useful information on applications of natural gas hydrate for storing or transporting natural gas in the form of solid hydrate.