Geophysical study about gas hydrate formation in the Ulleung Basin, East Sea

동해 울릉분지 가스하이드레이트 형성에 관한 지구물리해석

  • Published : 2009.06.25


On the basis of seismic interpretation, seismic indicators of gas hydrate and associated gas such as bottom simulating reflector (BSR), acoustic blanking, column structure, gas seepage, enhanced reflection were identified in the Ulleung Basin. Fractures, faults, sandy layer could be the migration pathways transporting fluid and gas to stability zone. The formation of gas hydrate in the Ulleung Basin include: (1) nodules, veins, layers in muddy sediments and disseminated forms in sandy layer within localized column structure, (2) disseminated forms in sandy layer, and (3) disseminated forms in sandy layer just above BSR.


Grant : 가스하이드레이트 지구물리탐사 연구