Comparison of Performances refer to Magnetic and Fluid Analysis of Magneto-Rheological Flow Damper

자기점성유체 댐퍼의 자기장 및 유동 해석에 따른 성능비교

  • Published : 2009.04.23


The magneto-rheological fluid expresses different cohesiveness according to the strength of the external electric current. To manufacture the magneto-rheological fluid damper that uses such characteristics of the fluid, a flow analysis of the inner damper was conducted to forecast the damper's capacity. In addition, using the finite element method software, analysis on the characteristics of electromagnetic field around the coil operation unit inside the damper. Based on the result of the analysis, a single core damper and a double core damper were built and tested for their dynamic function. Based on the result of the experiment, the propriety of the flow analysis was demonstrated, and the proposed model was verified.