An Estimation Technology of Temperature Rise in DSES using Three-Dimensional Coupled-Field Multiphysics

연성해석을 이용한 초고압 DSES 온도상승예측

  • Published : 2009.07.14


This paper shows the temperature rise of the high voltage GIS bus bar. The temperature rise in GIS bus bar is due to Joule‘s losses in the conductor and the induced eddy current in the tank. The power losses of a bus bar calculated from the magnetic field analysis are used as the input data for the thermal analysis to predict the temperature. The required analysis is a couple-field Multiphysics that accounts for the interactions between three-dimensional AC harmonic magnetic and fluid fields. The heat transfer calculation using the fluid analysis is done by considering the natural convection and the radiation from the tank to the atmosphere. Consequently, because temperature distributions by couple-field Multiphysics (coupled magnetic-fluid) have good agreement with results of temperature rise test, the proposed couple-field Multiphysics technique is likely to be used in a conduction design of the single-pole and three pole-encapsulated bus bar in GIS..