The Research of Establishing Direction and Application of Transportation Disaster Prevention System

교통방재시스템의 구축 방향 및 활용에 대한 연구

  • Published : 2008.02.28


In Korea, although the damage from disaster (flood and storm) is increasing, the early stage warning and countermeasure are not in operation rapidly. The research areas of transportation engineering arenot diverse, so once the road is flooded and interrupted, drivers, the system operators and managers are in panic, and nearby roads are in terrible traffic congestion. In case of Korea, the research of evacuation is highly needed, because it is very necessary and easy to apply in real field. In this paper, we establish the concept of transportation disaster prevention system and suggest the directions of it. In addition, based on this research, we choose one example of disasters and establish an example of the transportation disaster prevention system. Our goal is to make steps; prevention, preparation, countermeasure and restoration in the view of minimizing on social chaos and damages emphasizing aspect of transportation countermeasure. This research will be the good precedent of approach, analysis and countermeasure when the disasters are occurred, and a basis of transportation disaster prevention system and manual in Korea.