Construction of Korean Space Weather Prediction Center: Magnetometer

  • Published : 2008.10.22


Solar and Space Weather Research Group in Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute (KASI) has been funded for "Construction of Korean Space Weather Prediction Center" from Korean government. It has started since 2007 February and is planed as a 5-year project. The goal of this project is to develop a space weather warning and prediction system by the next solar maximum. KASI installed a magnetometer at Mt. Bohyun, which is about 200 km south-east apart from KASI, in 2007 September. After finishing test observations of the magnetometer for the period from September 2007 to January 2008, KASI has operated the magnetometer to monitor geomagnetic field variations associated with space weather effect. Ground-based magnetometers are critical for understanding geomagnetic disturbances in the near-Earth space environment, which are caused by solar wind variations. In this talk, we introduce science topics to be done with the data from KASI magnetometer and also discuss how they are related to space weather phenomena.