Web 2.0 and Firms' Strategy Transformation for Information Management

웹2.0과 기업 정보관리전략의 변화

  • Published : 2008.06.13


Recently the advent of web 2.0 era is an important trend in the business environmental change. Web 2.0 era means users' active participation, share, and openness, develop 'Internet penetration into everyday life,' and change many aspects of our society. web 2.0 has been making these following changes in the socioeconomic aspects: 1) acceleration of system shift to a small quantity of multi-species production system 2) growing influence of on-line channel/information to consumers 3) various minorities' power increase in the socioeconomic sector. Web 2.0 has been making these following changes in the firms' strategies for information management: 1) increase of external knowledge and information utilization 2) amplification and reproduction of information from customers 3) change of information distribution: pursuit of two-way communication with customers 4) integration of different information/services for business transformation. Firms must squarely look at socioeconomic changes owing to web 2.0, and utilize them for firms' effective information management.