The Seismic Behavior of the Truss-Arch Structure by Lead Rubber Bearing and Friction Pendulum System with Seismic Isolation

납고무받침 면진장치와 마찰진자 면진장치에 의한 트러스-아치 구조물의 지진거동 비교

  • Published : 2008.04.17


The purpose of seismic isolation system among them is to lengthen the period of structure and make its period shift from the dominant period of earthquake. In this study, the seismic behavior of arch structure with lead rubber bearing(LRB) and friction pendulum system(FPS) is analyzed. The arch structure is the simplest structure and has the basic dynamic characteristics among large spatial structures. Also, Large spatial structures have large vertical response by horizontal seismic vibration, unlike seismic behavior of normal rahmen structures. When horizontal seismic load is applied to the large spatial structure with isolation systems, the horizontal acceleration response of the large spatial structure is reduced and the vertical seismic response is remarkably reduced.