Address Mapping Scheme between Layer 3 and Layer 2 for Multicast over IEEE 802.16 Networks

IEEE 802.16 네트워크에서 멀티캐스트 전달을 위한 주소 정보 매핑 방법

  • Published : 2007.08.24


This paper proposes a multicast scheme over IEEE 802.16 networks which support multiple upper layer protocols such as ATM, IPv4 packets, IPv6 packets, IEEE 802.3 over IPv4 and so on. The multicast capabilities over IEEE 802.16 are important both control plane and data plane. The proposed multicast scheme can be divided into two types: direct mapping and indirect mapping. The direct mapping scheme is that layer 3 address is directly mapped into CID information which is used for connection identifier at IEEE 802.16 link layer. The indirect mapping scheme has two steps for mapping between layer 3 address and layer 2 CID. Firstly, a layer 3 address translates to Ethernet MAC address with group MAC address. Secondly, a group MAC address is mapped into CID. The mapping scheme depends on the upper layer protocols.