Security and Authentication System for Bluetooth Mobile Phone

블루투스 모바일 폰을 위한 보안인증 시스템

  • Published : 2007.04.27


Authentication is a mechanism to establish proof of identities, the authentication process ensure that. Who a particular user is. Nowadays PC and laptop user authentication systems are always done once a hold until s explicitly revoked by the user, or asking the user to frequently reestablish his identity which encouraging him to disable authentication. Zero-Interaction Authentication (ZIA) provides solution to this problem. In ZIA,. a user wears a small authentication token that communicates with a laptop over a short-range, wireless link. ZIA combine authentication with a file encryption. Here we proposed a Laptop-user Authentication Based Mobile phone (LABM). In our model of authentication, a user uses his Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, which work as an authentication token that provides the authentication for laptop over a Bluetooth wireless link, m the concept of transient authentication with our combining It with encryption file system. The user authenticate to the mobile phone infrequently. In turn, the mobile phone continuously authenticates to the laptop by means of the short-range, wireless link.