Application of Intra-particle Combustion Model for Iron Ore Sintering Bed

제철 소결공정에 대한 단입자 연소 모델의 응용

  • Published : 2006.04.14


Operation parameters for large scale industrial facility such as iron making plant are carefully selected through elaborate tests and monitoring rather than through a mathematical modeling. One of the recent progresses for better energy utilization in iron ore sintering process is the distribution pattern of fuel inside a macro particle which is formed with fines of iron ore, coke and limestone. Results of model tests which have been used as a basis for the improved operation in the field are introduced and a theoretical modeling study is presented to supplement the experiment-based approach with fundamental arguments of physical modeling, which enables predictive computation beyond the limited region of tests and adjustment. A single fuel particle model along with one-dimensional bed combustion model of solid particles are utilized, and thermal processes of combustion and heat transfer are found to be dominant consideration in the discussions of productivity and energy utilization in the sintering process.