Pushover Analysis Considering Effects of Degradation of Shear Strength

전단강도 감소효과를 고려한 Pushover 해석

  • Published : 2006.05.11


Nonseismic designed RC frame have a possibility of shear failure because of deficiencies of reinforcing details. To model the shear failure in numerical analysis, shear strength degradation models which include Moehle's and ATC 40 are compared and applied to push-over analysis. For numerical analysis, three storied building frame is selected and designed according to Korean Concrete Design Code(2003). From the numerical analysis, it is pointed out that there may be great difference in lateral drift capacity if a different shear strength model is used. And the capacity can be severely underestimated if the restraining model of plastic rotation of ATC 40 is used, compared to the use of shear spring for shear degradation.