[ $CO_2$ ] Sequestration on Various Structures of Natural Gas Hydrate Layer for Effective Recovery of $CH_4$ Gas

  • Published : 2006.06.22


On the continental margins and in permafrost regions, natural gas, which has been expected to replace petroleum energy, exists In solid hydrate farm. World hydrate reserves Including natural gas are estimated at about twice as much as the energy contained In total fossil fuel reserves. Because of its vast quantities, the efficient recovery of natural gas from natural gas hydrate becomes the most important factor on evaluating the economic feasibility in the sense of commercialization. It has been noted that carbon dioxide, one of the well-known green house gases, possibly can be stored in the ocean floor as a carbon dioxide hydrate. If the natural gas hydrate could be converted into carbon dioxide hydrate, natural gas hydrate deposits would serve as energy sources as well as carbon dioxide storage sites in the deep ocean sediments. In this study, we first attempted to examine the real swapping phenomenon occurring between guest molecules and various structures of gas hydrate through spectroscopic identification such as NMR spectroscopy.