Obstacle Avoidance of Redundant Manipulator Using Potential and AMSI

  • Ikeda, K. (Graduate school of Engineering, University of Fukui) ;
  • Minami, M. (Faculty of Engineering, University of Fukui) ;
  • Mae, Y. (Faculty of Engineering, University of Fukui) ;
  • Tanaka, H. (Graduate school of Engineering, University of Fukui)
  • Published : 2005.06.02


This study is intended to build a controller of redundant manipulators with the simultaneous abilities of trajectory tracking and obstacle avoidance without any preparations of path planning to achieve full automation even for one production of one kind, while keeping the avoidance ability high and keeping its shape away from object to reduce the possibility that the manipulator crashes to the object. To evaluate the avoidance ability of the intermediate link, we proposed a scalar value of Avoidance Manipulability Shape Index(AMSI), which is independent of the obstacle's shape. On the other hand, the danger to crash to the obstacle is depending on the shape of the obstacle, which could be evaluated by the potential field set around the obstacle. This paper proposes control method of the manipulator's shape based on the AMSI to simultaneously avoid obstacles and keep the avoidance ability high with potential.