Monitoring and Control of Geothermal Apparatus Using Mobile Devices

모바일 PDA를 이용한 지열냉난방의 감시 및 제어

  • 지양환 (강원대 공대 전기전자정보통신) ;
  • 조용범 (강원대 공대 전기전자정보통신) ;
  • 최승달 (강원대 공대 전기전자정보통신) ;
  • 남부희 (강원대 공대 전기전자정보통신)
  • Published : 2005.10.28


In this paper, we implemented the monitoring and control of geothermal heating and cooling system using mobile devices. The main idea of this system is to provide the convenience if the system can be controled in remote place with monitoring using the mobile devices like PDA. Basically, the system consists of the Server-Client structure divided into two parts, one is PDA and PC, the other is PC and PLC(Programmable Logic Controller). The PDA, which is equipped with Windows CE as as, monitors the status of the devices (motors and sensors, etc) attached to PLC and controls them. This does the system to be controled by the commands, which we assume to control, with wireless transmission between PC and PLC. The PDA parts are responsible for monitoring and control the devices connected to the PLC, and the PC part which equipped with the application is to provide the relation between PDA and PLC. The Ladder Program is used to control the sequences of the PLC..