Case Studies of Automatic Measurement and strength for Damage in the Public Tunnel

공용중인 터널의 변상에 대한 보강 및 자동화계측 사례

  • Han Ja-Jung (Korea Infrastructure Safety & Technology Co) ;
  • Kim Young-Ho (Korea Infrastructure Safety & Technology Co) ;
  • Jang Gi-Soo (Korea Infrastructure Safety & Technology Co) ;
  • Kweon Young-Jung (Korea Infrastructure Safety & Technology Co) ;
  • Ahn Sang-Ro (Korea Infrastructure Safety & Technology Co)
  • 한자중 (한국시설안전기술공단, 진단1본부) ;
  • 김영호 (한국시설안전기술공단, 진단1본부) ;
  • 장기수 (한국시설안전기술공단, 진단1본부) ;
  • 권영정 (한국시설안전기술공단, 진단1본부) ;
  • 안상로 (한국시설안전기술공단, 진단1본부)
  • Published : 2005.04.01


An especial attention for old tunnel safety is required on increasing of The various tunnel recently. Specially, the lining investigation method of the old tunnel will be able to presume condition of concrete lining indirectly. Because it is many restriction thought of environment and ground condition investigation method of tunnel lining rear. This study carried out section & convergence measurement of part which was deformed in tunnel lining. It had been observed for the change of tunnel behavior with a continuous measurement. It has been analyzed for a cause of tunnel deformation and inspected for the effect after a repair-reinforcement to tunnel compared with the effect before those by structure analysis. By establishing automatic measurement system after repair-reinforcement to tunnel, it would be accomplished to convergence measurement continually. As a result, it was observed that deflection and deformation of tunnel was convergent. but it should be followed to a continuous maintenance because of unstable ground condition, cause of inner tunnel, environment. The railroad tunnel which was executed a reinforcement of the tunnel lining must investigate the close condition of reinforcement lining and concrete lining.