Market Trends in Tractor Hydraulid Fluids

  • Published : 2005.10.01


[ $\blacklozenge$ ] Farm equipment market very cyclic - weather, economic factors, import/export markets $\blacklozenge$ Mergers of companies continuing $\blacklozenge$ Major Tractor OEMs have lubricant specifications $\blacksquare$ Their own house branded THF $\blacksquare$ Constant review reflecting the changes in equipment $\blacksquare$ Less interest in approving outside additives/oils for others $\blacklozenge$ Future THF lubricant market $\blacksquare$ ' Universal' THF may five way to individual products for each OEM $\blacksquare$ Sumps are getting smaller $\blacksquare$ Increased use of hydraulic system vs. mechanical $\blacklozenge$ Additive companies will need to meet many challenges