Optimal Design of Nonlinear Coupled Multiphysics Structural Systems using The Element Connectivity Parameterization

복합 물리 시스템 위상 최적설계를 위한 요소 연결 매개법

  • 윤길호 (서울대학교 정밀 기계 설계 연구소, 멀티스케일설계 창의 사업단) ;
  • 김윤영 (서울대학교 기계항공공학부)
  • Published : 2004.04.28


Though the standard element density-based topology optimization method has been applied for the optimal design of multiphysics systems, some theoretical problems, such as material interpolation, undershoot temperature prediction, and unstable elements, still remain to be overcome. The objective of this investigation is to present a new topology optimization formulation based on the element connectivity parameterization (ECP) in order to avoid the numerical problems in multiphysics system design and improve optimization results. To show the validity of the proposed approach, the designs of an optimal thermal dissipation and an electro-thermal-compliant actuator were considered.