Quality Control of Radiation Counting Systems and Measurement of Minimum Delectable Activity

방사선 계측기의 품질관리 및 최소검출방사능 측정

  • Published : 2004.06.01


Various radiation counters have been using to determine radioactivity of radwastes for disposal. A radiation counting system was set up using a radiation detector chosen in this study and its stability was investigated through the periodic determination of background and counting efficiencies in accordance with a quality control program to increase the confidence level. The average background level for the $\gamma$-spectrometer was 1.59 cps and the average counting level for the standard sample was 45248 Ops within $2{\sigma}$ confidence levels. The average alpha background level for the low background ${\alpha}{\beta}$ counting system was 0.31 cpm and the efficiency for alpha counting was 34.38%. The average beta background level for the ${\alpha}{\beta}$ counting system was 1,30 cpm and the efficiency for beta counting was 46.5%, The background level in the region of 3H and 14C for the liquid scintillation counting system was 2.52 and 3.31 cpm and the efficiency for alpha counting was 58.5 and 95.6%, respectively. The minimum detectable activity for the$\gamma$-spectrometer was found to be 3.2 Bq/$m\ell$ and 3.8 Bq/$m\ell$ for the liquid scintillation counter, and 20.5 and 23.0 Bq/$m\ell$, respectively for the $\alpha$ and $\beta$ counting system.