The Effects of Secondary Fuel Injection on Combustion Oscillation

  • Published : 2004.03.01


The purpose of this work is to develop an effective active control system for combustion instabilities of premixed combustors. For the first step, the natural modes of combustion oscillation were investigated for a methane-air premixed combustor and the controls by secondary fuel injection were examined. The main premixed flame is stabilized by a swirler with orifices for secondary injection installed on the central hub. For sensing purposes, a pressure transducer and a chemiluminescence sensor were placed on the appropriate positions. The acoustic characteristics and the source of the oscillation were analyzed by those signals. To test the controllability, two methods of actuations by secondary fuel injection were examined. One is the open loop control and the other is the closed loop control. The comparison of the reduction levels of p $_{rms}$ shows that the closed loop control with a phase-shift injection performs best in this condition.ition.n.